I Miss You Coquetries /  Dayka Dalyaye A Poem by :

 Translated by: Shamal Akrayi

 When the wispy rain danced on our roof

 The rain sound was arousing a grievous sorrow pain in my heart in your embrace

 I was like a warm loaf in a hungry mouth

 We were dissolving in each others

 My fingers drank plenty of milk from your lips

 Your whole body was turning into a fair season

 Know I am still that longing lover.


 Then the pale sun rays hid behind the clouds

 You were converting into night

 I was converting into stars

 You were looking for me

 Just to have a swift kiss

 You were quarrelling with the darkness

 And you were hardly embracing me

 The night was dancing by the melody of our swift kisses


 Many nice fair seasons have gone

 I breathe your respiration

 I am too long for you

 Thus I cannot be far away from you

 You are so close to me

 You are my shadow

 Sorry I cannot touch the shadow.


 I am a dream in your coffee cup

 You are the martyr of the passion rain

 Take my soul with you

 We are going to sleep in one grave

 So that we can always be together


 It autumn you were coddling

 Your coquetries were falling as the autumn’s leaves

 I spread a garden full of absurd poems in the air

 You were turned into a bad child

 You were wrestling with the air

 You cannot collect all the leaves

 You cannot gather all my poems

 You cannot see them all.


 When you look at my necklace

 I am afraid of you eyes

 I am afraid you will steal a kiss from me

 And use your nirvana of missing

 And be a quick miss leaded

 And put me out of your heaven.


 At the streets

 Among the trees of Zawita woods

 Under the unnamed grave

 We were two butterflies

 Our respiration were full of lust

 We were flying with the air

 We were setting with the sun

 We were sleeping and with the dawn waking up

 I wish

 You do not leave me

 Do not run of me!