A Religion of Love /  Written by: Bashir Mizury

 (Dedicated to those drunk eyes and sweet smile)

 Translated by: Shamal Akrayi

 I am lost in the drunkenness of this city

 As a hurricane of the passion..

 Whirled in the oldness of the justice.

 I take the fireplace of an cold night as a shelter

 I am waiting a caravan

 To pass in front of me

 To spray it with smell of dance

 and the perfume of the waiting

 In this travel..

 I am a cloud of rain and a field of farewell

 I am a basket of sorrow suspended on the arm of the time

 My eyes towards the remote shores

 Do a long journey

 My sight in your waiting is an old habit.

 So come..

 Let’s go to the journeys

 And fill our pockets with springs

 I am in all the days

 A black dress from wildness

 Come .. in all the days

 I am a wale rose in the spring

 Come ..in all the days

 I am an inactive smile of a dance

 I am an angry tear in the journey

 I am wet eyes on a crossway

 I am a wounded heart by the suspicion

 I am a naughty child in the pasture

 I am lover lust for the dating

 Come.. look at the age of my drinking tumbler

 How is now become so old of your lips wine?

 through the broken mirror of the meetings

 My hopes on the chest of wind are wrestling

 Come.. for you, I am all dating.

 In the mornings ..

 When the moments of our are approach,

 A morning respires

 And An evening smiles

 An angelic breath

 A good omen embrace

 A lusty night

 Oh! Here is our night

 You and Me will migrate in the silence

 Here are our baggage full of traveling

 How can I make your laugh understands

 that I have nothing except it!,

 My dance has no melodies

 And My wedding has no party.

 How can I make your black eyes understand?

 That I have nothing except it!

 My night has no sky and stars.

 Has no tastes and colors. And

 Just come one time

 To tell you :

 in the love religion,

 There are no identities nor borders

 There are holy things

 In it’s passion no guilty ones or ranks

 So just come

 Let’s be two mad lovers

 Or even tow loyal friends

 Just come to sing a love song

 Just come

 In your lonely ( mihrab )

 In your love ( kibla )

 I am a( Sufi.)

 In the climax of worship..

 Give me a daily kiss from your lips

 And of course a short dating

 To let( zim zim ) springs

 From your hands and your embrace.

 Come to tell you :

 In the religion of love

 The prayers and ceremonies are :

 Kisses, honeyed words, promise and decisions

 So ,Just come.. to tell you

 How much I love you!