About Us

The Union of Kurdish Writers- Duhok is a literary and cultural foundation that concerns the status of Kurdish literature and culture. It continuously tries through its plans and projects to produce and generate knowledge and intellectual works, then transfers it’s production and assemblies to the variety of the social classes particularly in Kurdistan and in the region generally. The Union of Kurdish Writers- Duhok, is a Kurtdistani foundation that is always looking forward for progress and it gives a great deal of attention to improve the level of Kurdish terms and message. UKW-D also concerns the status of all Kurdish authors and intellectuals’ requirements in Kurdistan and abroad.
UKW-D through this site, aims to build the bridges of the relationships with all Kurdish writers and intellectuals all over the world. As well as it design to approximate the spaces in order to exchange and convey the knowledge over Kurdish literature and culture movement in Kurdistan. The observance of Kurdish language is one our principal duties, goals and tasks. We also seek to upgrade and promote the level of the thinking of Kurdish individuals. Thus via this way we all together can participate in this movement and perform our historical role towards our language, culture and literature.
– Each Kurdistani intellectual has the right to take part through his writings in this site.
– Each Kurdistani intellectual has the right to his writings in his/her dialect, but the decision of publishing them is up to the foundation itself.
– The writings that the the foundation have examined and evaluated never will be returned back to their original owners whether they are to be published or not.
– All of the writings that the writers have submitted to the foundation to be reviewed, and evaluated are then reviewed by the directory staff of the Union, and the directory staff of the union will make the decision of publishing the material or refusing it.
-Any writings, which are to be found out not to be convenient with the goals of the foundation, will be rejected.
– Any writing, which harms any side, anybody or any other foundation, will most definitely, in all cases, refused too.
– The foundation is responsible of publishing and not publishing any article, but the writer of the article is responsible of the contents of their articles.
– The foundation is responsible to preserve the identity and the personal information of all the participants in the site.
– In the case of any problem, there will be a contemporary solution without any distinction between the problem partners.
For further information, inquiries and questions, please contact the foundation.
Union of Kurdish Writers- Duhok
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