We are one since we have not seen each other / A poem written by: Hassan Silevani

Translated by: Shamal Akrayi


Music makes me forget everything except your eyes

The violins stick with drunken dances on the pupils of your eyes

Thus melodies flow from them

And you from distance raise your hand and say:

Oh! Mad man doesn’t go in sank!!


I will coil your hair on air with my three fingers

You turn to me and your waist in my hands will drowse

My lips which I cannot control them will lick your neck

Sorry my lady

I am mad and at the gate of the sea

When I see you in that green dress which is sprayed with apples I became madder

No, no, no do not arouse your tiger eyes to me

Look how nice is this lip-stick prints’ on the wine glass

Oh! My sweet girl, due to you

I am mad so for the sake of God notice that.


I will come, yes I will come

I know that your eyes are waiting to receive the spring time

I will come; yes I will come and kiss your underarm with its thin breast wearing thread.

With such a wearing you were showing of yourself with for many days and hide your angelic breasts under

I will come and put my signature on them.

I realize that your cheeks which are like figs

Won’t bear my moustache hair

But doesn’t matter

Step by step they will learn to have their touch

They will miss them

My lady

I can read your dreams

You can read my dreams

We are one since we have not seen each other.